Wall clocks

Vroege Franse Comtoise

Vroege wandklok uit Oost-Frankrijk, de Comté.
02810 French oeil de boeuf

Richly decorated clock for the lover of a good glass of wine, beautiful tendrils with bunches of grapes.
French forged lantern clock.

Iron clock from North-West France with beautifully crafted corner pillars and an engraved brass dial with Roman numerals.
English lantern clock with a balance wheel

Before the invention of the pendulum, time was measured using a balance wheel at the top of the clock.
South German iron wall clock

17th century Kuhschwanzpendel (front pendulum)
French "cartel d'alcove".

Noël Balthazar

A clock from the captain’s cabin of a ship sailing the inner waterways
French Mayet comtoise

Sold 2020 Early days of solid clockmaking in eastern France, the Comté.
English Lantern clock

Simplicity in brass and steel
Gothic clock

Forged iron clockwork regulated by a balance wheel with a going- and striking train and an alarm mechanism.
Dutch Wall clock

Sold 2020 Craftsmanship from the eastern parts of the Netherlands.
Mini klokje

An ultraminiature German wall clock.

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