Wall clocks

French comtoise

Early wall clock made in eastern France, in the Comté region.
South German iron wall clock

17th century Kuhschwanzpendel (front pendulum)
French "cartel d'alcove".

Noël Balthazar
French lantern clock

French clock with a prominent dial which allows reading the time quite accurately despite only a single hand
French Cartell d'alcove

Silence in the bedroom A French cartel d’alcove, which only strikes on request.
Pustertaler wall clock

Swinging cow tails in the Alps.
Early wall clock from South Germany

Early wall clock from South Germany
North Holland wall clock

North Holland wall clock, a so-called Zaandam stoel clock, from the wet low
English Wing Lantern clock

Early eighteenth century sturdy clock.
French Lantern clock

French miniature lantern clock with alarm, c. 1740.

A clock from the captain’s cabin of a ship sailing the inner waterways
French Mayet comtoise

Sold. Early days of solid clockmaking in eastern France, the Comté.
English Lantern clock

Simplicity in brass and steel
Dutch Wall clock

Craftsmanship from the eastern parts of the Netherlands.

Colourful in the kitchen or on the wall
Mini klokje

An ultraminiature German wall clock.

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