South German iron wall clock

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South-German quarter-striking iron wall clock,
made around 1680.

The movement is housed in an iron case, which rests on a custom-made wall bracket. There are two doors to the sides, giving access to the movement. The whole is hidden behind the dial. The escapement is situated between two top plates, which are surmounted by two superimposed bells.

The polychrome iron dial has a chapter ring with Roman hour, half-hour, Roman quarter-hour and 7½-minute divisions. The centre depicts a saint. The arched top is embellished by a painted cartouche, depicting a crowned lady, flanked by two winged cherubs. The time is indicated by a fine pair of pierced brass and iron and hands.

The 12-hour, weight-driven three-train iron movement has a birdcage construction with going and striking trains. The going train has verge escapement and a short pendulum, which oscillates in front of the dial (Kuhschwanzpendel – ‘oxtail pendulum’). The two striking trains, regulated by countwheels, indicate the quarter-hours on a smaller bell, on the hour followed by the hours on a larger bell.



Origin Deutschland
Period 1680
Height 37,5 cm
Width 28,5 cm
Depth 24 cm
Reference 02245
Price on request

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