French table clock

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SOLD 2020

Is Love timeless? Amor on the go with Time
French ormolu mantel clock made by

The beautiful ormolu case depicts Amor carrying a clock on his back. The movement is draped suggestion motion, whilst Amor has a bow in his hand. The whole is situated on a rectangular bas, which is embellished on the front with ribbons and a swag and rests on four engine-turned feet.

The typically French spring-driven eight-day movement has going and striking trains, constructed between circular plates. The going train has anchor escapement with a short silk- suspended pendulum. The pendulum bob is in the shape of a butterfly. The striking indicates the hours fully and the half hours with a single stroke, controlled by a external countwheel (visible on the backplate).

The time is indicated by a pair of blued-steel Breguet hands on a white enamelled Roman dial, which the maker has signed in the following manner: Comminges Palais Royal No. 62. Note
The butterfly has various symbolic meanings, one of which is transitoriness, which seems to be applicable here.


Origin France
Period 1810
Height 42,5 cm
Width 22 cm
Depth 10,5 cm
Reference 00902
Price on request

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