French pendulette

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Celebration of victory: miniature triumphal chariot
French pendulette in Empire style, c. 1850

The case is in the shape of a triumphal chariot pulled by a deer and Artemis, the goddess of hunting, holding the reins. The chariot is situated on a bronzed oval base, resting on ormolu toupee feet. The movement is mounted in the wheel of the chariot. The front of the base is embellished by an ormolu mount depicting hunting attributes.

The spring-driven eight-day timepiece has going train only. It is regulated by a cylinder escapement on a platform, mounted on the backplate.

The time is indicated by a pair of blued-steel hands on a white enamel Roman chapter ring, which forms the rim of the wheel.


Elke Niehüser, Die französische Bronzeuhr, pp. 102-03


Origin France
Period 1850
Height 20,5 cm
Width 16 cm
Depth 6 cm
Reference 02300
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