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French wall clock, a so-called Morbier, ascribed to the Mayet family
Austere week-going wall clock, c. 1720.

The rectangular case is entirely made of iron and consists of an iron frame, which is covered on all sides with blackened steel sheets. There are two doors to the sides which give access to the movement. There is an engraved brass chapter ring on the front plate. The winding holes can be covered by internal shutters. The case is surmounted by a pierced front fret, behind which a bell is situated. Behind the bell
is an exceptionally high pendulum housing. 

The brass chapter ring has Roman hour numerals and half-hour and quarter-hour divisions. The time is indicated by a single beautifully worked brass hand, behind which there is a relatively large Arabic alarm disc. The shutters are operated by buttons at the bottom of the clock.

The week-going, weight-driven movement is constructed between four bare steel bars with brass bushes. The going train has verge escapement with a long pendulum, consisting of interlinked steel wire and a lead pear-shaped bob. It is suspended from a wire in the high pendulum housing. The vertical-rack striking
indicates the hour fully on the bell and the half hours with one stroke. In addition the movement has a weight-driven alarm. The alarm time is set by the alarm disc and is indicated by the tail of the hour hand.

Given the construction, decorations and the way the clock is made it can be ascribed to the Mayet family, a clockmakers dynasty established in the small town of Morbier in the Franche Comté.


Origin France
Period 1720
Height 34 cm
Width 18 cm
Depth 13 cm
Reference 01716
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