Dutch Wall clock

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As long as the ships keep sailing: a Friesland short tail clock with rocking ship automaton

A maddered oak short tail clock, of which the pendulum movement makes the ships rock, made around 1780

The case has the classic shape of a short tail clock and is well proportioned. The hood has a small arch and straight, chamfered mouldings, characteristic of an early clock; it is surmounted by two gold leaf covered trumpet blowing angels on bases, whilst there is an Atlas figure in the middle. The slide has a glazed gilt lead pendulum aperture, so that the pendulum movement can be observed.

The  painted dial has a gold leaf substratum on which four figures are painted in the corners, which represent the four seasons. There is a lake view with a church in the centre. The rocking ship automaton is in the arch, flanked by three dignified gentlemen who seem to enjoy life (pipe and glass of wine). The time is indicated by two sawn-out and finished brass hands on a chapter ring with Roman hour numerals, half-hour, Arabic five-minute and minute divisions with minute arches.

The  12-hour movement is driven by a brass clad lead weight and endless chain with a brass ring as counter weight. It consists of going train with anchor escapement and long pendulum, count wheel half-hour striking on a bell. In addition, the movement has an alarm. The alarm time is set with a small brass hand on the centre of the hour hand which is divided by Arabic hour numerals.



Origin The Netherlands
Period 1780
Height 130 cm
Width 38 cm
Depth 23 cm
Reference 02186

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