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Craftmanship from an Eastern region of the Netherlands: the so-called Achterhoek Dutch stoelklok (Wall bracket clock).
An East-Netherlandish wall clock made around 1790.

The blue-green painted oak case consists of a wall board, which has open vase-shaped ornaments to the sides, a bracket and a hood. It has a gold-leaf line decoration all around. The top of the hood is embellished with a pierced gilt lead ornament, with two figures at either side. The iron movement cage rests on robust wooden legs, the whole situated on the bracket.

red-brown painted dial is also embellished with gilt lead ornaments to the top, the sides and the bottom. The ones on the sides depict two mermaids, while the top lead is elaborately pierced. There are painted scroll spandrels in the corners. The time is indicated by two cast and finished brass hands. There are twelve holes in the hour hand, in which a pin fits to set and activate the alarm. The minute hand is arched to allow passing the alarm pin. This construction is typical for an Achterhoek stool clock.

The movement is constructed as a posted bird-cage movement with three bars, in between which the wheels are placed. It has iron bottom and top plates, which are connected by iron pillars with brass bases. There are painted glazed doors to the sides, surmounted by finely gilt cast-lead frets. The movement is of 12-hour duration and driven by a brass-clad lead weight via a pulley and endless heavy chain with a brass ring as counter weight. It consists of a going train, with anchor escapement, a driver and a free-hanging long pendulum, and a striking train controlled by a count wheel, indicating the hours fully and the half hours with one stroke on a bell. In addition the movement is fitted with a weight-driven alarm.



Origin The Netherlands
Period 1790
Height 84 cm
Width 36 cm
Depth 24 cm
Reference 01534
Price on request

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