02970 English stick barometer

Beautiful slim mahogany mercury barometer with mercury thermometer.
English stick barometer

Mahogany stick barometer with a mercury tube for the air pressure and a liquid thermometer.
English stick barometer Blunt & Son

Slim mahogany mercury barometer with engraved silver-plated dial, a round top and a convex lid for the reservoir.
French barometer, Felletta Lyon

Mercury barometer and thermometer inlaid with walnut veneer with beautifully engraved and gilded scale plates.
French stick barometer

What is the weather going tob e like today
Wielkwik barometer

Par Gohin Fils Opticien Palais Royal.
English Banjo barometer

A classic mahogany-veneered barometer, a so-called five-dial barometer
English Wheel barometer

A mahogany-veneered barometer which speaks for itself

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